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Sources & Uses of Cash

Where Does Our Money Come From?

Approximately 70% of our budget has to be raised from pledges and giving via the offertory plate collections.  We receive 12% of income from rents, primarily from the daycare.  The remaining 18% comes from special gifts, holiday fair and other sources of income. Although we have an endowment fund, it is still growing and contributes less than 7% of our operating budget each year. Therefore, we depend each week on the giving of our parishioners to maintain the considerable array of ministries that comprise the Church’s daily life.

Did you know?

  • 91 members pledged in 2014
  • Average annual pledge to First Congregational is $1,767
  • 16 members gave without a pledge (Submitting a pledge would greatly help the church to plan its annual budget)
  • In 2016, our pledge income needs to increase 3% just to maintain our current programs and ministries
  • 70% of our operating income comes from pledges and the weekly offering

Where does our money go?

First Congregational is committed to being good stewards of what is given. Each year, our Deacons and Trustee plan our budget and evaluate each expense in light of our overriding mission to facilitate Christian faith formation for individuals and families and allow that formation to find expression in the world.

What do things cost?

  • Lighting & heating the church is approximately $4,250 each month which will be offset by Solar generated electric savings of $1,000 each month
  • Salaries costs for one year: $177,000
  • Providing Sunday school each Sunday: $2,500
  • Facilities & maintenance: $36,000
  • Parsonage costs $21,600


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